Dumpster Rental FAQ
Dumpster size comparison:
How to unlock and lock our dumpsters:
Acceptable Items:
  • Household items and waste: Furniture, garbage, clothing, glass, plastic, mattresses, paper, plastic, etc.
  • Construction material: Drywall, wood, nails, kitchen cabinets, flooring, carpet, etc.
  • Roofing debris: Wood, nails, underlayment, asphalt shingles up to 30 square (3000sqft) single layer
  • Yard and landscaping: Tree limbs, branches, wood chips
  • Railroad ties & phone poles (can only be mixed with other wood)
  • We do take small electronics, larger items like TV’s and other e-waste can be dropped off at the Leesport recycling center for free.
Items NOT Allowed:
  • Concrete (Unless specified otherwise)
  • Asphalt (Unless specified otherwise)
  • Rock or fill dirt (Unless specified otherwise)
  • Any liquids other than household cleaning supplies
  • Batteries
  • Anything marked hazardous, flammable, or explosive (Gas or Oil Etc.
Extra Fee Items:
  • Car/Truck tires: $10.00/ea, No wheels or rims attached
  • If the service distance is over 15 miles from Kutztown/Fleetwood an additional fee may be applied. See our service area page for the map. (Service Area Map)
  • Additional rental time is $12.00/day (when available)
  • Weight overages are billed at $90/ton and are prorated after dumping, included weight with your dumpster rental will depend on the size dumpster you rent
Dumpster Rental FAQ:
  1. How do I book a dumpster?
    • Book your dumpster online, call/text us at 484-839-0075, or use our contact form
    • Delivery is the first day of the rental between 7:30am-3:00pm (unless specified otherwise)
    • Pickup is the last day of rental between 7:30am-8:00pm (unless specified otherwise)
  2. What happens after the rental is booked?
    • We delivery the dumpster
    • You fill it with your junk, construction debris, roofing, etc.
    • We pick up the dumpster and dispose of the material
    • If there are any weight overages we will bill you after the dumpster is dumped for only the amount you are over at $100/ton
  3. What if I needed more time?
    • Contact us if more time is needed we charge $12/day after your initial rental is up
  4. What if I fill the dumpster and need another one?
    • We can exchange or pickup your full dumpster, empty it, and return it typically within a day (or even same day) depending on time, location, etc.
    • Pricing is less for an exchange or dump & return as long as it’s done during the existing rental timeframe
    • We can also provide a larger or smaller one if you need more or less room then originally though during the exchange
  5. Will dumpsters damage my driveway or lawn?
    • Dumpsters will not damage your driveway, protection is always laid down to prevent any damages
    • Some surface damage may happen when delivering in grass or dirt but is typically very minimal
  6. Do I need to be home during delivery or pickup?
    • Not usually, as long as a clear location is noted during booking we can usually place the dumpster without issue
    • Often times a simple call is enough from us to get the dumpster placed
  7. How do I know when you’ll arrive?
    • We send out text alerts to you when we are on the way for both delivery and pickup
    • A text will also be sent when the dumpster has been delivered or picked up
  8. Will rain or snow affect the weight of the dumpster? How can I prevent this?
    • Rain & snow can add a small amount of weight. However it is usually not enough to cause any overages to you
    • Placing items like clothing in trash bags then throwing them in the dumpster can help keep water weight down
    • Most of the water sits on the bottom of the dumpster, keep things like mattresses in the middle or near the top of the dumpster so they won’t soak up any rain
    • Throwing a tarp over the dumpster during heavy rains can also help
  9. What if I have other questions?
    • Call/text: 484-839-0075
    • Email: BerksLehighDumpsters@gmail.com
    • Use our contact form: Contact Us

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