Stone In a Box

Rental length

Stone in a box is a great way to have bulk mulch material delivered without the mess of a pile!

  1. We deliver the container filled with how much stone you ordered for the length of time you requested.
  2. You unload during the rental period.
  3. We remove the empty container.
  4. No mess with piles, tarps etc. We can even place it on the street or yard!

Delivery Box Dimensions: 14ft long X 7.25ft wide X 4ft tall

  • Rear door swings fully open for ground level unloading
  • Driveway protection used at no charge!
Rustic Red 3/8″
Rustic Red 3/4″
Rustic Red #3
Rustic Red 2A Modified
Natural White 3/8″
Natural White 3/4″
Pocono 3/8″
Pocono 3/4″
Pocono 1-3″
Pocono 3-5″
Carlisle 1-1/2″
Delaware River 3/8″
Delaware River 3/4″
Delaware River 1-3″
Delaware River 3-5″
Rosetta Candy Cane 3/4″
White & Tan pea gravel 3/8″
White & Tan 3/4″
White & Tan 1-1/2″
White & Tan 2-4″
2A Modified”
2B Clean
#3 Clean
1B Clean
All Purpose Sand
Concrete Sand
Cubic Yards Calculator
Stone FAQ:
  • 1 Cubic Yard is 3ft. Wide X 3 ft. Long X 3ft. High
  • 1 Cubic Yard is 27 Cubic Feet
  • 1 Cubic Yard is Approximately (40 qty) 5 Gallon Buckets
  • 1 Cubic Yard is Approximately (13-1/2 qty) 2 Cubit Feet Bag
  • Decorative stone comes a little dirty/gritty. Most stones are screened and not washed at the quarry. Most times 1 to 2 rain events will clean off the coating of grit.
  • Decorative stone may appear smaller in pictures then in person.
  • Stone sizes are determined by the screen size used at the quarry. If a stone is screened through a 1-3” screen, it may still have stones 4-6inches because of the angle they fall through the screen.